One of the most common questions that patients have to ask before they go through a cosmetic surgery is probably about what their scars will look like. You will therefore be glad to find out that an experienced surgeon who is also qualified is capable of implementing surgical techniques that will easily hide and minimize your scars making them rather inconspicuous even to yourself. The type of incision that is used in your procedure is therefore really important. Based on the type of your body and the goals that you have for the procedure, your surgeon will choose one of the many incision methods available. Here are some of the main techniques used today.

The Inframammary Incision

First of all make sure that you get you have the breast augmentation surgery explained to you. This way when the surgeon tells you about your scars and the type of incision they are making, it will make more sense to you. The inframammary incision involves a cut made in the crease underneath your breast also known as the inframammary fold. This will only give you a very thin and one to two inch scar that is very easily concealed by the fold itself. The benefits here are that you have a wider access point which will allow a surgeon to position the larger implants or even the gummy bear implants with the best precision.

The Peri-Areola Incision

Here the incision will be made along the outer edge of the areola so that the scar will blend in naturally with the change in the pigmentation. A lot of the time surgeons will use this method if they are performing a mild to moderate breast lift and also if they do not want to sport very noticeable scars.

The Trans-Axillary Incision

Here the small incision will be made within your armpit and through this cut, the surgeon will place the implant with the help of special surgical utensils and a specialized camera. While you may have a scar underneath your armpit, the procedure leaves you with no scars anywhere on your breast.

The Transumbilical Incision

This involves an incision placed just above the belly button. Each of the implants will be inserted through this incision and then brought up to the breast. The biggest advantage here is that there will only be a small single scar above your belly button and nothing on the breasts itself. If you are worried about scarring this is a great choice to make.

What Should You Know After Your Surgery?

Keep the following in mind when you are through with your surgery. One thing is that it is actually safe to have mammograms with implants therefore make sure that you do not skip out on your screenings ad keep getting yourself checked by a doctor regularly. If you are pregnant the significant weight gains and losses can affect your final result and for that reason you should make sure that you work with your doctor to correct any issues that may occur with these significant weight fluctuations.