Pregnancy is a stage which does appear to be most exciting phase of our life. This is also that phase where expert advice for pregnancy would be pouring in from all quarters. You can rely on expert advice during pregnancy which may prove to be a blessing in disguise if it appears from a reliable source.  Some healthy advice is as follows

Get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible

The moment you figure that you are pregnant get in touch with a qualified doctor. You can also register online with a maternity service. If you avail their services early you start caring for yourself pretty early when you are pregnant. You are going to have a lot of time to organize yourself along with ultrasound scans that you might need.

Opt for a supplement

You might have to opt for folic acid for the first couple of months with vitamin D stretching for the entire duration of pregnancy. When you opt for folic acid it does reduce the chances of a baby developing a neural tube defect. For proper development of the bones of your little one vitamin D is also important.

If the diet is ok, but if you are not into too much of fish you can consider opting for a fish oil supplement. Discuss with your doctor before you opt for any supplements. Though the rule is that you opt for a balanced diet and not rely too much on multi vitamins.

Pay a lot of attention to hygiene

Wash the utensils or board after cutting of raw meat. The raw foods should be separated from the ready to eat foods. When you are pregnant food hygiene does become very important. Certain types of food are there which is not safe to be eaten during the course of pregnancy. The reason being that they can contain bacteria or parasites that poses a lot of danger to the developing baby.

Exercise on a regular basis

With regular exercise not only the mother but also the baby is benefitted in a lot of ways

If you undertake gentle exercise it helps

  • It helps you to cope up with stains on the joints during the course of pregnancy
  • Helps you to maintain an active weight, though you can expect to put on some weight during the course of pregnancy
  • It does make it easy for you to get back to shape after the pregnancy
  • In case if you feel low it improves your mood

Do let your instructor know that you are pregnant or you can resort to prenatal yoga. If you are into sports, make it as comfortable as possible. But if the sport carries some extra knocks or pressure it is best to discuss with your doctor.

During pregnancy you need to stay away from alcohol on all counts. They are going to reach via the bloodstream and the placenta. Till now there is no sure information on what is the safe level of alcohol during pregnancy.