When a patient is recovering from extensive injuries or surgery, they may experience limited or zero mobility. In such cases, the air mattress for hospital bed plays an important role because the patient will be spending most of their time lying on it. Moreover, the comfort offered by a mattress can affect the recovery time taken by the patient.

The patient may already be in a lot of pain due to the surgery on injuries and if the mattress does not provide proper support, they may develop pressure wounds and bedsores, which can aggravate the pain. In such cases, a hospital air mattress can provide to be the best option for the patient.

A good hospital will choose an air mattress for hospital bed, and if the patient requires to be taken home for bedrest for an extended period, you should buy a hospital air mattress so that they receive the utmost comfort in the home as well.

Benefits Of Using A Hospital Air Mattress

  1. Improved blood circulation –

An air mattress allows for pressure relief and better blood circulation to the patient lying on it. You can inflate or deflate the mattress according to the patient’s requirement and change their pressure points by turning the patient to another position. Such a mattress lets the patient feel fresh always.

2. Low-air loss technology –

The latest hospital bed mattress comes with the latest technology in which the mattress contains several hundred tiny air holes all over. These holes allow a little amount of air to escape. Because of this, the patient feels like they are floating and also keeps the temperature of the mattress maintained. This way, the patient keeps cool while sleeping and experience sound sleep.

3. Prevents bedsores –

It is easier for a patient to move in this type of mattress, which causes pressure points to change. If a person is lying on the back and does not turn for a long period, due to reduced blood circulation, they are likely to develop pressure wounds and bedsores. However, if you turn the patient timely, such a situation can be avoided completely. An air mattress for hospital bed allows you to change the patient’s position very easily.

4. Great air circulation –

A patient who cannot move requires a mattress that remains dry. Such a patient is more likely to leak bodily fluids, which can cause smell, infection, and inconvenience to the patient. And because they cannot move, if the mattress does not dry on its own quickly, the patient’s medical condition can be affected. An air mattress has a good air circulation system, so it quickly dries. Moreover, the top cover of the mattress is generally made of waterproof material.

5. Convenience –

You can use the mattress for both home and hospital care. Moreover, air mattresses are lighter than other kinds of mattresses, which makes it easier to handle them.


Air mattresses are the most suitable choice for a patient who cannot move on their own and require a long recovery period. Although such mattresses are expensive, the above-mentioned benefits make air mattresses worth the price.