Believe it or not workout clothes make a big difference in your workout and results. If you are having problems and pain after a workout, then inappropriate clothes might be the cause. Of course, there are some factors that tell you how comfortable your clothes are, well you can also tell by wearing them. Before you go shopping here are the questions to ask yourself before buying workout clothes. 

Choosing Fabrics

Fabrics that breathable, sweat-wicking, soft and comfortable yet durable that they can withstand lots of sweat and machine washes plus if they are the right size and fitting then they are the ones you should choose. Finding all qualities in one can be difficult so if you want to compromise on any feature then think about which you want to let go.


Moisture-wicking and breathable clothes let the body breathe that makes you comfortable in it. Here is a collection that you can have a look at, workout joggers, Tees, hoodies and what not browse more and explore other options because they have cool stuff at economical prices. Usually, the fabric is a combination of cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon either two or more sweat management and breathability is great.


During summer breathability matters a lot because if your clothes are not breathable the body temperature can rise too high which is dangerous. Better the sweat evaporation better the breathability. Plastic based materials are bad at breathability and sweat evaporation. For winters you can add a nonbreathable layer on top and remove when need.


Cotton is very good at sweat absorption but not at letting it evaporate. For workouts that are not intense, like yoga, etc., and you will not sweat a lot pure cotton is a great choice but when sweat comes in, cotton fabric combination would be better.

Size and fitting

The era of baggy clothes is over now the snug fit is the fashion. To make sure you are buying the right fit you can wear the clothes and move in them a little bit, put yourself in different workout positions, twist and bend then see if you are still feeling comfortable. Ask if an exchange is possible if sizing is wrong.

Changing with weather

Your workout clothes must be changed according to the weather. so, the following are some tips that you might want to keep in the notice.

Hot weather

Breathability, sweat-wicking, comfortable clothes in which you can move freely are better. Cool and light colors are preferred especially if it is an outdoor workout. Show more skin if you are comfortable but don’t flash others.

Cold weather

Sweat-wicking and breathable base layer with warm and windproof layer on top are ideal. Layering is the key in winters, as your body gets more and more pumped remove layers. Keep your head, ears, and hands covered to protect them from the cold.

Wet, windy weather

Wind and a waterproof outer layer that protects your skin and clothes from the elements. Strong wind or rain can ruin the fun of an outdoor workout. If you like in tropical areas where rain comes unexpected and uninvited then such clothes become necessary so while buying clothes you can look for one that is wind and waterproof or at least water-resistant.