Step 1: The basics and requirements of treadmill

Treadmill and losing weight is a common combination, which is also logical because exercise is needed when losing weight. The treadmill is an easy way to keep moving, you do not need a gym subscription and you are not bound by opening times. Treadmill is not only good for weight loss but also for your fitness, hard and blood vessels and your overall health. If you want to start using a treadmill it is important that you build it up slowly. Your body will have to get used to it and to prevent injuries it is important that you do not immediately run for an hour. If you are a starting runner or it has been a long time since you started exercising, start with a 1-minute jog, 1-minute walk and so on. Next time you jog 2 minutes and walk for 2 minutes, then you jog 2 minutes and walk 1 minute.

Treadmill to Lose Weight

  1. Running shoes are a must
  2. Running clothing (pants, shirt, socks) is recommended, but not a must
  3. Can be used anywhere, no gym subscription required
  4. Track your progress with running apps

Very important for everyone who goes treadmill is to use or purchase the right running clothing. The right running clothing can ensure that you feel more comfortable throughout the year. Running clothing, therefore, plays an important role, where your running clothing can keep you warm and dry in the winter, it is better to wear a light and airy garment in the summer. Running shoes are the most important part of your running outfit, if you don’t use suitable running shoes you can even get injured. In addition, good running shoes ensure that you can run the treadmill faster and more efficiently, have less joint pain and good running shoes are breathable and moisture-draining. Therefore, always get advice from a specialized sports store about good running shoes.

Step 2: Individual treadmill or in a team

Treadmill and losing weight is definitely a good combination if done properly. It is very important that you keep an eye on your heart rate during the treadmill. A higher heart rate does not automatically mean that you burn more fat. The most effective pace for losing weight is an even and calm pace. An advantage of this is that you can keep it up longer and therefore burn more fat, which means you lose more weight. For the highest possible fat burning, it is important that your heart rate stays within a certain zone during the treadmill, heart rates between 120 and 140 beats per minute (this can, of course, differ per person, it is an average).

A higher heartbeat is, of course, possible, but with that, you do not lose excess fat but build up your condition and burn calories (carbohydrates and sugars) instead of excess fat. So it makes no sense to run faster in order to burn more fat. It is good for your body to build up your fitness, but a high-speed treadmill means less weight loss. But that does not mean that you can never go at a high pace treadmill, it is good for your body to also build up your condition. For example, if you have run for 30 minutes, you can increase your pace in the last 5 minutes, so you still have a little bit of fitness. Finally, fat burning is best activated if you start training with an empty stomach at a leisurely pace.

Step 3: Individual treadmill or in a team

In principle, you do the treadmill alone, but of course, it is much more fun and motivating to do it together. You can start with the treadmill together with your partner, a friend or girlfriend or a colleague for example. But you can also join a running club in the area. The advantage of a treadmill in a group is that you can motivate each other and you stop or drop out less quickly than when you go treadmill on your own. Another advantage is that you may have new friendships or contacts. You also meet people with the same hobby or goal to live a healthier life. Advantages of treadmill only are that you can go whenever you want and you can set your own pace. Only the treadmill can be a pitfall because you can give up faster or cancel faster because you don’t feel like it, if you do it in a team you will probably cancel less quickly because the threshold is higher to go. At the beginning, it might be better to start in a group so that you become motivated and you can get tips and help from others.

Step 4: Is the treadmill something for me?

For people who rarely or never exercise, the treadmill can be quite a challenge. People usually assume that when they are inexperienced, overweight, have a low condition, have high blood pressure or have another chronic condition, they are not suitable for running. But often this is not true at all. As long as you start quietly and build it up slowly, you can start using the treadmill, it often has a positive effect on your body and health. When you are seriously overweight, the treadmill is not always the best form of exercise. It can be very stressful for your muscles, joints and tendons. That is why it is advisable to consult a doctor before you start using the treadmill, this may seem a bit exaggerated, but for people who are seriously overweight, it can cause health problems to suddenly go treadmill. That does not mean that exercise is not important for people with (serious) overweight, on the contrary. But there are also less stressful forms of movement such as walking outside, cycling or swimming.