Fertility issues are quite a common place these days and there are effective measures of treatment as well. There are however quite a few issues with fertility treatments and the most commonplace of them is the chance factor. Most fertility treatments are best left up to chance since there is no hundred percent guarantee that it will work. However, since fertility is a very important issue, a lot of people do go opt for fertility treatments when they are unable to conceive. There is definitely a cost involved in it which is quite high and hence people generally need to save up and make sure that they have the money to pay for the IVF Procedure Cost in India.

So, how does the process of IVF work?

This is a fairly complex procedure which involves numerous steps and is quite taxing on the woman particularly. However, before we understand the various steps, it is important for us to understand when and why this process is opted for. Well, a couple might opt for IVF if the sperm count of the male is low or if the uterus of the female is hostile or the uterine wall is not fit for implantation. In case the uterus of the female is stable for reproduction, then the egg from the woman is extracted and sperm is collected from the male person and then they are artificially inseminated in a petri dish and the fertilized egg is then implanted into the same woman’s body. Thus, this is a process through which the baby born is carried by its biological mother. However, when the biological mother’s womb is hostile, there comes in the need for surrogacy, where another woman is required who will be the carrier, i.e., the fertilized egg will grow in her and she will deliver the baby. Either way, invitro fertilization is a possible course of treatment.

Steps of the procedure

There are well-defined steps that one has to take in order to make sure that this process works. All couples opting for IVF are informed beforehand of the semi-average success rate and the chance factor that is involved in it. Let us take a look at the steps of the procedure:

  • The first step is to simulate the ovaries so that the number of eggs produced increases. This is a process which the biological mother has to go through and it does come with its own ups and downs in the hormone level.
  • The second step is a trickier one, where the eggs have to be extracted from the ovary and taken out of the body. This is done through laproscopic means but it does come with its own set of risks, because of which when you find out about the IVF Cost in India make sure that you find out the best surgeon to get this procedure done.
  • The next step is to take the eggs and the sperms collected from the biological father and then let them inseminate in a petri dish in the laboratory in an artificially controlled environment.
  • Now once the eggs have been fertilized they are taken and then implanted back into the biological mother’s body or it is implanted into another woman’s body who has agreed to become a surrogate.
  • Now once the implantation is done, tests have to be done to find out if the woman is pregnant.

Things one should be aware of

The process is a fairly simple one if one takes a look at the procedure step by step. But the difficulty arises from the fact that one never knows for sure whether this will work or not. The sperms might not be able to fertilize the eggs. The fertilized egg might not be able to implant itself on the wall of the uterus. This is why this process is repeated quite a few times in certain cases, but each and every try is very expensive, which is why it becomes very difficult for couples to avail this course of treatment on a large scale and even if they can once, it becomes difficult for them to sustain it through repeated efforts.

IVF is truly a solution to many couples who have been hoping and praying for a child of their own. If you are too, then it is best to save up and go for this process because if it works, all will be worth it in the end!