Mucuna Pruriens benefits for mind and body include natural energy, powerful mood enhancement and improved mental focus. It also known as folk medicine which cured a physical ailments broad range, and has also been used in the recent years as an effective treatment for the Parkinson ’s disease symptoms. With the help of amino acid-L- Dopa into the bloodstream, you would notice more benefits, improving motor function and fighting symptoms of depression. Mucuna has become famous for the healthy minds.

Mucuna provides its users the sexual health benefits. This product has been shown to increase libido in men and women. It increases sensitivity to touch and heightens sexual arousal. For men, it helps in boosting the testosterone production and enhances potency by protection sperm from the oxidation. The improved testosterone leads to the human growth hormone release which help in the lean muscle mass building.

There are some people who really want to experience the energy boost and mood lift of Mucuna, but also look for the stronger cognitive component. For this purpose, it is synergistic to stack Mucuna with the other nootropics products such as Piracetam or Aniracetam. By adding the thought focusing power of these products with Mucuna dopamine support produces sensory sensitivity, powerful confidence and clear thoughts.

There is leeway in the ideal Mucuna dosage. For some people, the effective dose would be 500mg per day. It is generally more than for the production of strong mood enhancement, sexual health effects and energy. It would be better for you to start with a smaller dose, go for 100mg per day. You would feel mild effects at this dose. You should be aware of the maximum recommended dose which is 900mg to 1 gram. If you are taking more than the maximum recommended dosage, then you would be ending up with so many side effects which wouldn’t be good for your health.

All the Mucuna side effects are results of taking more than recommended dosage. These side effects include vomiting, sleeplessness, nausea, high blood pressure, and even internal bleeding. By taking lower doses, you would get only few side effects. If you are feeling any side effects with Mucune use, then you should stop using it immediately without any second thought. You can also lower the dose at any time.

There are really some people who can tolerate Mucuna quite well and getting no side effects, there are also vital warning pertaining to overdose. Human bodies produce all the compounds which Mucune stimulates such as adrenaline and it is also a precursor to dopamine. But if these hormones are releasing quickly in higher amount, then some side effects would occur.

You should remember that only 100mg per day is enough for you to generate baseline effects. There is actually not even a single reason to take high doses of this product, so try to avoid side effects and experience the maximum. You would dependencies, tolerances and side effects and instead experience the mood lifting, wonderful, effects of the natural plant remedy.