Diabetes, in India, has emerged as an epidemic and there is no age exclusion also. From adults, old-aged to small children, anyone and everyone is vulnerable to the sweet sugar in the blood. While many are already struggling with a diagnosed high blood glucose level, many are standing at the verge being diagnosed as pre-diabetics. In such a situation, a lot of awareness is being generated about the treatment and the precaution of the disease. But people even have wrong notions about the management of diabetes. Being over cautious about the disease management, people often overdo the things or keep on repeating some common mistakes which alters the control over diabetes.   

Below a few common mistakes in diabetes management are listed.

1 Avoiding all types of carbs

Do you believe all carbs get converted into blood sugar and increases your diabetes and so you avoid them badly? You might be doing a mistake as getting too low on carbohydrates might make you deficient in other important nutrients as well. There are good carbs also that you must eat to feed your body with the right kind of energy.

Diabetics should be aware of the food items they can eat. Choose your food based on the glycemic index. This index will tell you how much carbohydrate is present in which food. Might be small portion of one type of food contains more carbohydrate than a big amount of other food type. It is all about portion control and moderation, so get to know what to eat and how much to eat.     

2. Not having the right combination of carb and protein

Carbohydrates have the property to burn fast and turn into blood sugar. So, having them alone can keep you eating frequently while having spikes in your blood sugar level. It is recommended to eat carbs with protein which acts as a coating over the carb to make it burn slowly controlling your blood glucose level spikes. It also makes you fill full and give you the right proportion of nutrients in a balanced way.

3. Not Maintaining a log of your blood glucose level 

It is one of the common mistakes that most of the diabetics do. You might feel that your diabetes is in control, but even the minor variations in the blood glucose level matters. Especially, for the doctors, it is important to know as when your diabetes gets aggravated and what causes this. The trend of your blood glucose level helps the doctor in deciding the course of action, decide the dose of medicines, recommend the food type and so on.

If you are a pre-diabetic or have Type 2 diabetes, then maintain a log on a regular basis. Always carry the log to the doctor in your visits. You can even choose to talk to an endocrinologist online and get the suggestions based on your diabetes log.

4. You depend entirely on diabetes medicines

Diabetes is a different kind of condition. Usually, we fall sick, we go to the doctor, get prescribed with some medicines and we get well with the meds. However, in diabetes, if you feel that meds will fix everything, then you might be wrong. Eating the medicines and not controlling your food and not engaging in physical activity might not make you any better.

Always remember, medicines are just a part of diabetes management.

Lifestyle changes along with the meds is a must in controlling the diabetes effectively.

5. You stress on food control ignoring other factors

What you eat definitely matters for your blood sugar level. You might be making effective changes in your food habits which are diabetes-friendly. But there are other factors also that impact you blood glucose level.

Stress of any kind can increase your blood glucose level. Exercise is good, but strength training and sprinting might increase the blood glucose level. Not getting enough sleep can make you insulin resistant and increase your blood glucose level.Hormonal changes during menstruation, menopause, stress or growth hormones may increase the blood glucose level.

It is important to look into other factors and adopt a holistic approach towards diabetes management. 

Diabetes, so far is incurable. But the good news is that Type II diabetes is reversible with good treatment and personal management efforts. It’s personal because a doctor can only prescribe you the medicines and advice on good diabetes management tips, but it is you who has to implement them effectively and stick to them. Learn more about diabetes and avoid doing the mistakes because they will ruin all your efforts. For frequent consultations, you can find a diabetologist online and consult at your preferred time.