Types of Face Lift Treatments

Facelift in Dubai

The human skin is a large organ that keeps changing from time to time. The skin has chemicals such as elastin and collagen that keep it healthy and younger. Due to the natural aging process, the effects of gravity, and due to different other reasons the human skin sags. As people age, the levels of elastin and collagen production lower. As a result, the skin becomes weak and sagging. There are different surgical and non-surgical options for the facelift. This article discusses famous types of face lift Dubai. Please continue reading to learn more.


What is a Facelift Treatment?

A facelift is a surgical or non-surgical procedure to tighten and lift the sagging facial skin. As far as the non-surgical treatments are concerned, they enhance the collagen levels to naturally tighten and lift the facial skin. The surgical technique may remove the extra skin and tightens it as per the requirements. Here are the notable types.


Types of Facelift Treatment

As mentioned above, different options are available to lift the facial skin. There are two main categories of facelift treatments: surgical facelift and non-surgical facelift. Let’s discuss some notable surgical and non-surgical facelift treatments.

  • LED: The light-emitting diode therapy uses different lights to target different problems such as sagging skin and wrinkles.
  • Ultherapy: With the help of ultrasound energy, this treatment induces collagen production thereby lifting the sagging skin.
  • Thermage: It is a radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that helps to smooth and improve skin by tightening existing collagen and stimulating the production of new collagen.
  • Thread Lift: It is a unique technique where a plastic surgeon implants threads to lift the facial skin. These threads last for a particular time.
  • Filler Injections: Filler injections fill in the lost volume that causes the skin to droop.
  • Facelift Surgery: This surgical treatment cuts extra skin and stitches it properly.
  • Botox Injections: Botox injections relax the underlying muscles in the treatment area.
  • Laser Treatment: A laser machine emits laser light that penetrates the sagging skin. It is a simple, effective, short, and safe option.


Which Facelift is Better?

You have learned about different treatments for the facelift. You may wonder what the right option for you is. A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon can guide you further. If your facial skin is sagging and you want to lift it, you should consider a facelift in Dubai to get younger skin. If you have questions, please book an appointment with your dermatologist if you need more information.