Why are martial arts so popular? There are many who refer to martial arts only as a fighting experience. They always think of Bruce Lee and nothing comes to their mind. But in reality, martial arts can enhance the spiritual and physical insights of your body and mind. There is seldom an exercise that can give you mental and physical benefits along with social skills. There is always a wrong notion in the minds of people, martial arts are only for defense and attacks. A BIG NO! If you think any martial art is only about breaking the boards and kicking high in the air, then read this article. We not only focus on the benefits but also the types of martial arts for keeping the body fit and healthy.

  1. Physical Training

Let it be any martial art. Kendo, Aikido or Aiki Jujitsu or Kalaripayattu. Training in martial art gives strength to the muscles and gives the best cardio workout for the body. Unlike other exercises or physical activity, which will involve only one specific part of the body, martial arts makes every muscle in the body to be fit and healthy. Yes, not to mention the flexibility and balance you attain for a lifetime.

The body gets to move in superfast speed, and since it gives overall physical benefits, you can also see an improvement in your studies or career. You can term this aspect as the first benefit of martial art in addition to keeping the body fit and healthy.

  1. Mind Power

Mind Power

Martial arts is more about training the mind than the body. When you build new skills such as making a dive or running for long kilometers, you get the confidence to face any situation in life. It is not easy to learn a martial art and gain a black belt. You will see an improvement in focus as well as concentration. This is another benefit of martial arts other than keeping the body fit and healthy.

  1. Social Skills

Social Skills

Social skills and martial arts? There are many who think we are joking. No. To learn a martial art, you need to humble. In due course of time, you will learn social skills to interact with the instructors and classmates.

Now let us focus on the different types of martial arts.

  1. Aikido


It is a martial art which deals with flowing with the movement of the attacker rather than attacking him/her. In short, unlike other martial art forms, Aikido requires low physical strength but it is a difficult form to learn. It is usually followed by joint locks or throws. One of the fine types of martial arts for keeping the body fit and perfecting the soul.

  1. Judo


It is a new martial art. This form mainly concentrates on throwing an opponent to the ground and then immobilizing him/her. The movements followed are chokes, joint locks, and stranglehold. You can practice this type of martial art for keeping the body fit and healthy.

  1. Aiki Jujitsu


It is also referred to as the martial art used by Japanese Samurai. So, even if you are unarmed, you can hold your stand against a person with a weapon. In this form, training is given to neutralize an opponent with throws, pins as well as joint locks. You can follow the Samurai tradition and keep the body fit and healthy.

  1. Karate


One of the most popular martial art forms for self-defense. Usually, the art follows kicking, punches, and elbow strikes. The more popular forms are Wado Ryu, Goju Ryu, Shotokan, and Kyokushin Karate.

  1. Krav Maga
Krav Maga
Krav Maga

This martial art form, though recent, is known as a no-nonsense form and developed by Israel forces. It mainly incapacitates the opponent. It is a brutal art and there are no rules in Krav Maga.

  1. Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Have you seen the 36th Chamber of Shaolin? It is one of the cult martial art films for Kung fu. Yes, you also have martial art films made popular by Jackie Chan and Jet Li. There are various types of Kung fu, such as snake form, mantis, tiger and many more. If you want to reach spiritual enlightenment and a strong body, then go for this martial art.

  1. Taekwondo


It is the Korean style of martial art. It is known for its spinning kicks and different forms of strikes and takedowns. If you want to develop stamina and flexibility, go for this martial art.


We have focused on only the popular forms, but the list is, as you know, endless. There are other martial arts such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Silat, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Hapkido. But first find out, what do you want to achieve in life? Do you want to gain a black belt or just remain fit and healthy?

In the second instance, if you are a busy working professional, it is difficult to do physical activity by going to the gym. But you can opt for other options. For example, you can hire a personal trainer. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore. You work in a software company and have time on the weekends. But you are not interested to work in the gym. In a similar situation, you can hire the best personal gym trainer courtesy, the best home improvement companies in Bangalore. They have reputed gym trainers in their customer care list. You can schedule a meeting and then work out on a plan. Who knows? The personal gym trainer, if he is also a martial artist, can make you learn the technique.

So with martial art training, you can keep the body in excellent condition all your life.