Ultimate Beginner Guide to BJJ GI


Do your research, go to the gym and have an initial class, usually, it is free. Then if you are sure and want to begin with BJJ the very first step is to buy yourself a GI and then some protective gear. Now, there are two different types of BJJ, GI, and NO-GI these have little difference. In traditional BJJ you have to wear a GI and belt, while in NO-GI you don’t. decide which of the above types of BJJ you want to practice, it is okay to train a little with both. Following we will cover the basics of both the types and help you gather the stuff you need in order to start, in either type.

Traditional BJJ (GI)

The traditional form of BJJ requires a GI, belt and of course, some BJJ gear, if you are looking for top-quality protective gear then you can buy it here. You can wear a rash guard underneath the GI if you like.


It has many names but the meaning is uniform. In the market, there are many types of GIs but you should get one that is made for BJJ specifically. A jacket and pants together make a complete GI and usually come together. However, you must buy a belt separately most of the time. BJJ GIs are made of a tough fabric to make them durable and not let opponents grab. Just keep in mind the side should be right.

BJJ belt

BJJ belt is used to hold the GI in place and display the rank in BJJ. You will start from a white belt and move the way from there to Blue, Purple, Brown, Black for Adults while the kids go to Yellow, Orange, Green. The size of the belt is the size of your GI. The belt is long enough to be wrapped around the waist twice and in the end, you can put a stripe to indicated your progress in-between. 

No-GI BJJ (without a GI)

As the name says NO-GI, you don’t need a GI, instead rash guards and grappling shorts do the work here. You might have or may see people wearing trousers, shorts, and a T-shirt instead and they get away with it but it is not recommended.

Grappling shorts

Grappling shorts are designed to withstand the BJJ movements and techniques. They offer lots of benefits like no slide-off, great flexibility and freedom of movements, and no button or zippers. As there is no metal you and the opponent will not be hurt by it. Loose board style and tight-fitting Vale-Tudo are two styles of grappling shorts. To buy more BJJ gear in the UK you can check it out here. No-GI pants are also allowed to wear but in that case, your opponent will have an advantage over you and have more to grab and get control of.


Moisture-wicking and breathability are two important features that let you cool, dry and comfortable during matches. Drawing moisture away from the body makes a cooling effect around your torso and arms. In addition, because of the thermal layers you would be protected from getting skin diseases like ringworms, etc. because skin contact is limited. Problems like rug burns are also prevented by wearing the rash guards, we would recommend a full sleeve one. For these reasons, a rash guard is essential to have.