BJJ does not involve any sort of punching or striking but the sport is still very intense and one never knows when they will get hurt. Yes, there is a protective gear in BJJ and it is mandatory to wear. No matter how much you or the opponent is playing safe it is never 100% safe. That is why wearing protective gear is always good as they are intended to keep your sensitive parts from damage by decreasing the intensity.


Although the sport does not involve striking but there sure are takedowns, grappling and locks. Either it is sparring or a professional match there is a chance of being struck in the mouth. There even a little slow punch hurts which can cause lots of damage. Mouthguards are specially designed for mouth protection thus highly recommended. They are usually custom made to properly fit the mouth. More BJJ GI, gear and other items you need are available here.

Groin protectors

BJJ is a sport where your groin is exposed so groin protectors are highly recommended. You would not want it to leave it un-protected because you never know. There are two types of groin protectors one only comes as a standalone cup and the other one is jockstrap with supports. We don’t know about your choice but personally prefer the one with support. Because if the standalone cup gets shifted from its place things turn around. The protection can become a cause of damage!


Cauliflower ear is a common condition caused when you train BJJ. It happens if your ear is gets hit repeatedly or you keep pulling the head out of a choke. This friction or strike to the ear causes the skin to get separated from your ear cartilage creating a space in between. That space is then filled up by blood and it should be treated immediately. Firstly, it can be avoided simply by wearing good quality headgear. The condition might not be very painful but it sure does not look good. Buy yourself a good quality and low-profile headgear otherwise the opponent can take advantage of it and keep you holding in a choke lock easily, remember that.

Knee pads

In BJJ knees have to bear a lot of strain and pain which is results of falling, landing, posturing and twisting the knees every other minute. Bruises and popped kneecaps are very common to see if you are training BJJ, you’ll know if you have been training for some while now. Knee pads are what you should wear in order to prevent your knees from getting damaged. One important thing to keep in mind is, buy knee pads that are for BJJ. For more martial arts gear, deals and offers you should have a look here

BJJ bags

Of course, now you must have a gear bag because you will need something to carry all the gear to the gym and back. It is not a protective gear but helps you easily carry the gear and other items you want to the gym. Gear bags are practical and very trendy these days. They even have a mesh pocket in which you can keep sweaty clothes or gear. They are made very durable and rugged to withstand the wear and tear without giving you any problems for years.