How to find whether you have lung cancer? We all know that cancer is a deadly disease and it is necessary to get a deep knowledge of the type, examination and treatment. Once you are diagnosed with lung cancer, it is necessary that you find the right Lung Cancer Treatment in India. For this, a routine physical examination is needed that reveals any swollen lymph nodes above the collarbone, weak breathing, abnormal sounds in the lung, dullness, weakness, a mass in the abdomen, the swollen vein in one of the arms, changes in fingernails, etc.

There are cases when a doctor may suspect a lung tumor. In some of the lung cancer cases, the patient may experience abnormally high blood levels of certain substances or hormones that lead to a high calcium level in the bloodstream. Thus, if you notice any of such symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor who is specialised in the treatment of lung cancer. This cancer is easily visible on an X-ray and is also noticeable in chest X-ray that may even be taken for other purposes. For more detail on the cancer diagnosis, consider CT scan of the chest.

The complete diagnosis of lung cancer is done through a biopsy as a test of mucus or lung fluid may reveal fully developed cancer cells. In common, the lung cancer screening is highly preferred in people over 55 years who smoke for several years heavily and are facing other health issues. It is best to discuss the lung cancer problem with your doctor along with getting the screening to understand the real situation closely. In order to be sure of the lung cancer, it is best to consider a few tests like:

Sputum Cytology: In patients who have a cough and produce sputum, it is necessary to opt for this diagnostic procedure. This sputum is analysed by a microscope that reveals the presence of lung cancer.

Imaging Tests: In this test, an X-ray image of the chest is taken to reveal an abnormal mass or nodule. Moreover, the doctor can also ask for the CT scam to get clearer on the disease.

Tissue Sample: In this diagnosis method, a sample of abnormal cells is removed. This process is performed by a specialist in several ways and is among the most effective cancer diagnosis method.

When it comes to the right treatment, think of the best hospitals in the country. Lung Cancer Treatment is now made affordable and effective. All you need is to look for the right hospitals where you can get cost-effective treatment along with additional facilities. For this, Rajiv Gandhi cancer Institute and Research Centre is the best hospitals in India. This hospital has a team of specialist of lung cancer and provides effective diagnosis along with the complete treatment. It is best recommended to visit the hospital at an early stage so that the treatment is started within time and provide quick recovery. Patients from all over the world prefer treatment at the RGCIRC hospital.