Vitiligo is a skin disease which happens to a normal human body. People, who have this disease the color of their skin changes from the normal skin color. There will be two types of color in the body people with Vitiligo. Consulting a skin doctor and having proper vitiligo diet may cure this disease. It takes a long time to cure therefore people need immense patience to get healed fully. Certain food items can be considered to cure the disease, and there are some kinds of food items that should be avoided.

Food items that can be included in vitiligo diet are:

  • Antioxidant – this consists of enough amount of fruits and vegetables so that it keeps you fresh and active and prevent you from any allergy. It also helps the body to free radicals.
  • Vegetables – need to take fresh green vegetables which include French beans, radish, carrots, Spinach, Drumsticks, etc.
  • Fruits – it includes Banana, sapota, walnut, dates, etc.
  • Other food items include wheat, pure ghee, Almond, potatoes, etc.

The food items that can be avoided are:

  • Orange, custard apple, guava, brinjal, Papaya, tomato, garlic. There are some milk products which should be avoided are milk itself, curd and buttermilk.

Non-vegetarian foods which can be avoided are:

  • Fish, red meat, etc. Along with these food items, the junk food also should be avoided so that the disease gets cured soon.

Food Items to Limit

  • Some people are allergic to Gluten without ever knowing it. You might be suffering from inflammation because of this, while not experiencing any external signs of this allergy. This can cause havoc on your immune system.
  • Acidic foods, such as lemons, can increase the acid levels in your stomach. This imbalance can worsen your symptoms.
  • There are certain vegetables called Nightshades that cause inflammation and have been known to cause Vitiligo. Some of these nightshades that you should avoid are tomatoes, white eggplant, paprika, potatoes, and tobacco.
  • Processed foods should be avoided as much as possible. These are high in unhealthy preservatives, which have a negative impact on your immune system.
  • Fast foods and soft drinks can be found around every corner, but they are some the biggest culprits in your diet. These are very bad for your skin, and those sugary soft drinks will slow down your metabolism.

To prevent Vitiligo from spreading, diet plays an important role. You should contact a vitiligo specialist to get a specialized diet to cure your vitiligo.