Orthotics and prosthetics billing is not as easy as it is seen, as in-depth knowledge with accuracy in billing and coding is required for successful prosthetics billing services. In fact, skilled resource with a high level of meticulous is needed for such billing process reducing the denial rate.  By outsourcing your prosthetics billing services to Sunknowledge billing services, you can achieve accurate and timely reimbursements as well as revenue generation for your organization.

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Sunknowledge Service Inc a 360-degree practice management/revenue cycle management organization will take care of all your orthotics and prosthetics billing services. Our pool of resources is always up to date with the changing healthcare regulatory norms, billing and coding requirements and reimbursement guidelines. In fact, our 99.9% accuracy rate ensures minimal denials and helps us achieve the highest productive metric.

Facilities We Offer to Our Clients:

  • 100% HIPAA Compliant with operational transparency and no hidden cost
  • Customized reporting according to client protocol daily/weekly/monthly
  • Hiscox Insurance cover of $1 million for errors of Omission and Commission
  • Instant 70% operational cost reduction
  • 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket
  • Guarantee collections up to 97% (even in aging AR)
  • Dedicated full-time employees with real-time audit
  • No adjustments or write-offs without client consent
  • No binding contract

Our benefit does not end here, our billing executives have experience in working on several industry standard practice management and billing software. This includes Team DME, Brightree, SOS, Kareo, Futura, OPIE and many more. As we believe in providing customized solution according to clients problems, we have earned excellent industries reference and more than 100 clientele, including Medtronic.

So experience our standalone/end to end service at $7 per hour for your prosthetics billing problem. Our expert can help you with cash flow streamlining operation for your prosthetics billing services.