What Are Testosterone And What Are Its Functions?

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the body of a man and it helps in the growth of men’s sexual characteristics and stimulates the secondary sex characteristics. This hormone helps in the production of androgens naturally. These androgens are responsible for the growth of sexual characteristics such as beard, deepening of the voice, production of sperms and hair growth, etc. This hormone is usually produced by testicles and also helps in muscle growth and the distribution of fats in the male body. This hormone is also present in female bodies but in a very small amount. In females, testosterone is produced in the ovary.

Testosterone-Increasing Supplements And Their Benefits

If you notice a low level of testosterone in the body, there are some natural and best supplements to increase testosterone levels in the body. Some of them are:

1.Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is fat-soluble and is can be obtained with exposure to sunlight. Some experts say that vitamin D is helpful for the growth of male sexual functioning. Vitamin D can boost the level and of testosterone and can cause the quality of sperm.


Ginger is common in every household and is very popular for the treatment of different health problems. Experts say that ginger positively affects the growth in the functioning of sexual development. According to an experiment, consumption of ginger increased the sperm count and level of fertility in men.


DHEA is an anabolic steroid and is produced by the adrenal gland. This hormone can help in managing estrogens and testosterone levels. DHEA supplements are also used to boost T levels.

4. Zinc

A low level of zinc can cause a reduction in testosterone levels. One study has suggested that taking 220mg of zinc twice a day for 2 to 3 months can increase fertility.


It is an herb used in ancient medicine. It is usually used for handling stress and anxiety but also proved helpful for boosting testosterone levels.

Taking these supplements along with a better lifestyle can help you increase your level of testosterone.

There are some treatments for increasing testosterone levels. Such as Testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone injections, testosterone gels, or patches

Signs of Low Testosterone

As men age, the level of testosterone decreases, this is sometimes termed as ‘andropause’. Low testosterone can decrease the sex drive, can cause fatigue and irritable mood. Changes in physical appearance, caused by a low level of testosterone are obesity, less mass in muscles, smaller testicles, hair fall, thinning of bones, weight gain, feeling of depression, and softening of testicles. The low number of testosterones can cause infertility in men. Some natural supplements and testosterone-increasing foods can help in achieving the normal level of this hormone in the body. But surely, you are thinking about how to know that your body has low levels of testosterone. Here are some signs and symptoms of low testosterone which are

  1. Erectile dysfunction (causes are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, high blood pressure)
  2. Hair loss
  3. Reduction in size of testicles
  4. Decrease in the amount of semen
  5. Reduction in bone mass
  6. Sleeping problems
  7. Decrease in desire for sex
  8. Fatigue
  9. Mood swings
  10. Weight gain

If you have any symptoms, mentioned above, you might need to see a doctor and get tested for low testosterone.

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