What Causes Sour Tongue and How to Prevent It

Sour Tongue

Sour tongue – a condition which you might have experienced at least once in your lifetime. It is quite normal to have a sour tongue and experience foul taste if it lasts for some time and later fades away easily. But if you are experiencing sourness frequently, then it is dysgeusia.

Dysgeusia is referred to as a condition where the normal taste is distorted. This is one of the many conditions that are responsible for bad taste or lead to lack of taste completely.

There are many reasons as to why does one suffer from dysgeusia such as:

  • The very common reason for having a sour taste in your mouth is the food you eat. Certain kind of food can add to foul taste. For instance, most of the fruits leave the source taste. Wine also adds to the sourness to the tongue. But these are what stays for a limited period.
  • The other reason for having sour taste is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). This disease is now known to be one of the most common diseases with around 20 to 30 per cent of people experiencing it. Under this your stomach content reflux back to the lower oesophagus. This happens when the oesophagal sphincter weakens which leads to the backflow of stomach acids. This also causes the heartburn which is the burning sensation caused due to this backflow.
  • The bacteria that thrive back while we are sleeping is also the culprit behind the same. The flow of saliva drops significantly at night which is responsible for breaking down the bacteria causing foul taste in the mouth.
  • Having dry mouth disrupts the growth of bacteria. This results in no proper hydration of the taste buds leading to bad taste. If not hydrated, the taste buds will not function properly.
  • A condition called Neurological Disorder can be held responsible for poor taste and smell. This is because the damage in the brain can misinterpret the brain signals of smell and taste. Though it is an uncommon cause the one which should not be neglected.
  • Having decayed and infected tooth leads to the growth of bacteria which causes the sour taste.
  • Chronic illness such as diabetes can disrupt the functioning of your taste buds, thus, giving you no sense of taste
  • When you have had your food and you lie down instantly, then the food will spill back to the throat causing sourness in the mouth. This is because the food did not get proper time to digest and that lead to the trouble. Never ever lie down instantly after having food. Stand for a while or if possible walk a few steps, this will help in digestion.
  • During pregnancy, there are hormonal shifts which alter the taste sensation leading to a foul taste.
  • Certain medications if consumed for a longer duration can create a metallic or bitter taste in the mouth which can stay for quite some time.
  • Cancer patients also experience foul taste because of the chemotherapy during which the patients are given a heavy dose of drugs which lead to such an issue.
  • Lastly, people who have poor oral care routine can also be the sufferer of the sour tongue. Not only the routine but oral health habits such as cigarette smoking also lead to poor taste and makes food less palatable.

So, as they say, there is a solution to all the problems and so do we have a solution to the problem as stated above.

 There is the direct link to the sourness you felt and the pH level of bacteria in the mouth. The increase in the level of acidity causes the foul taste in your mouth. And if you have been experiencing this since quite a while now, then it is a time you book your appointment with the dental surgeon or look for the best oral surgeon in town.

The other ways in which you can get rid of it is as follows:

  • Take good care of your Oral care regime. Brush twice a day, floss every day and rinse your mouth after every meal. This will kill the bacteria growing in your mouth which are responsible for creating the sour taste.
  • Avoid lying down immediately after having food. Instead, try and walk a few steps. This will help in digestion
  • If you are already facing GERD, then do not consume spicy food, as it triggers the acid reflux.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. This disrupts the growth of bacteria in the mouth and prevents from developing such taste. For this consume 8 glasses of water a day.

And lastly, make this a habit to visit your dentist after every six months to keep a check