If your hairs are turning grey at the age of 50, there is no reason to be tense since it may be a result of aging. However, white hair in young age is an alarming sign and you need the assistance of a hair doctor in Indore immediately.

Due to aging, melanin pigment is reduced to turn the black hair into white strands because this pigment is responsible for keeping the hair black.

Premature graying of the hair may occur due to the following reasons.

Genetic reasons:

Young age is not the correct time for white hair but if it happens, your genes may have a role to play in turning your hair grey.

White hair due to genes is a hereditary problem. It means several generations may face the same problem due to genetic effects.

Poor nutrition:

Poor nutrition may turn your hair grey in any age. Hair is not a vital part for the body. Therefore, if the body does not have proper nutrition, it stops or reduces the supply of nutrients to the scalp to make hair unhealthy.

Mainly, grey hair occurs due to deficiency of B12, Vitamin D3, and calcium.

Medical conditions:

Premature hypopigmentation of hair is related to certain medical conditions, such as vitiligo, Werner’s syndrome, thyroid disorders etc.

Bad effects of hair products:

If the patients are using shampoos, hair dyes or other products excessively, it is possible chemicals present in the products cause white hair as a side effect.

Treatment of white hair problem

Unfortunately, no specific treatment is available for premature white hair issue.

Mainly, if the underlying reasons for grey hair are your genes or an autoimmune disease, the condition is usually untreatable.

The hair doctor may try to improve the situation with the help of nutritional supplements if poor diet is the root cause.

Besides food supplements, the doctor may advise to improve diet so that the body may supply enough nutrients to the hair roots.

Furthermore, protecting your hair from sunshine is also a healthy tip since sunshine damages your hair strands as well.

Traditionally, alternative medicines like Indian gooseberry, Bhringraaj are found to be extremely helpful in preventing grey hair.

Massaging the scalp and hair with coconut oil is also an effective home remedy for grey hair.

Is hair dye satisfactory fix for children?

Actually, it depends on the age of the children and the nature of hair products as well.

First of all, you have to see a doctor and he will try to find out the root cause of the problem.

After that, he will be able to tell you which product will be beneficial for the children.

For proper treatment, you need a reliable hair specialist in Indore since only an experienced doctor may guide you effectively.