If you have a harmed or decayed tooth, you’ve most likely had your dental practitioner recommend a crown. Even though a crown is the most normally performed dental methodology, seeing precisely what is it and how it helps can be tricky, particularly with different alternatives you might have accessible.

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What happens when you get a crown?

Like most dental procedures and methods, getting a crown is a multi-step process, yet it’s not especially troublesome. The most important part is ensuring it legitimately fits the tooth it will cover. Look for dental implant surgery in Hyderabad & consult with the doctor about all the issues.

  • Your dental specialist will take x-rays to examine at the roots of the affected tooth.
  • The tooth that will have the crown is filed down to prepare for the crown itself. How much it’s filed relies upon the material that will be utilized in the crown (more on that later).
  • Once the tooth is filed, your dental practitioner will either establish a connection of your tooth or take digital scans that will give a “mold” of your tooth’s dimensions.
  • At the point when your permanent crown is prepared, you’ll return to your dental specialist and have the temporary crown removed. Your dental specialist will double-check that the permanent one matches your other teeth, both with fit and shading. Once everything looks great, the new crown will be cemented into place. Your natural tooth remains under the crown.

What is a crown made of? How long will a crown last?

A crown is typically made of porcelain, metal (like gold or hardened steel) or a combination of the two. Your choices may include:

  • Stainless steel. This material is usually utilized for the temporary crown since it’s not very expensive. The color can be a detriment, but, in other words typically used in the back of the mouth.
  • Noble metals. These are typically gold or platinum, which makes them the most popular sort of material. Noble metals last more, infrequently chip and withstand long haul chewing and biting superior to different materials. These are additionally generally utilized on back molars due to their color.
  • Ceramic or all-porcelain. It is perfect if you have a metal sensitivity. These are ordinarily utilized for front or back teeth since they also provide a good match your teeth colour and look the most like natural teeth. The main catch is they can chip or break more easily than full metal crowns.
  • Porcelain and metal blend. These can be colored to match your teeth and work admirably for both your front and back teeth.

A crown can be an excellent alternative if you have to protect a tooth, and if you deal with it, your crown is probably going to last somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 years. The typical rules apply: maintain regular visits to your dental practitioner, brush and floss every day and see your dental practitioner if anything appears to be strange. Get the treatment from the best dental clinic in Hyderabad & get rid of the pain.