What is an Atomizer for Vapers and Its Types


If you are entering the vape universe now, it may be that some nomenclatures seem confusing and even make it a little difficult to advance in this art. Yes, friend, this is a new way to vaporize and has been increasingly popular in market as the most experienced atomizers can mount their resistances and customize their vapes as they wish, and you can gather the crowd and enjoy everyone together.

One of the terms that generate the most questions is the atomizer of vape, but you will see that by the end of this post you will already be more familiar with this part of your electronic cigarette. After all, there is not much secret!

What is an atomizer?

The atomizer is the top of the vape that receives the liquid / juice and has the coil / resistance responsible for delivering the flavor and control of steam produced. This is where all airflow control and steam production through resistance takes place. 

Atomizer is one of the fundamental parts of the e-cigarette. In the atomizer,  the liquid of the electronic cigarette is deposited, it’s also located the resistance that heats the liquid and generates the vapor. 

The latest temperature control technology differentiates liquid taste and aids life of resistance. The electronic cigarette atomizer is a hot device that changes the e-liquid to vapor. It’s typically composed of 5 parts: the coil, a resistor, a cotton that takes in the e-liquid, the tank where the liquid is and the nozzle through which the steam is pulled by the user commonly called drip tip. 

For the atomizer to work as it should be, the hot coil has to be wet with liquid or placed in a greatly soaked atmosphere or it’ll get extremely hot. If it does not have moisture to cool as much as necessary, the coil of atomizer will get extremely hot, reaching temperature up to 280 degrees Celsius and fail sooner or later. Without any e-liquid in vaporize, it will flame the cotton and damage the internal parts of the atomizer with excess heat. This is why it is very significant to take care of e-liquid level constantly. E-cigarette atomizer is becoming more modern, formerly there were only a few different models available in the marketplace, but these days, there are more than a few sorts for models to select from their preference and taste. 

Depending on your vape model, a different type is required to be used during vaporization.

What types of atomizers are available?

Depending on the model of your vape or the desired effect on vaporization, there are 5 types of atomizers available on the market that have some features that you need to know to get the most out of the product.

– RBA (Rebuild-able Atomizer)

Quite simply, this term refers to any atomizer that allows its construction, that is, this model allows you to mount your resistance and your cotton the way you want. It is fully customizable and enables vaper to tailor it to your needs.

– RTA (Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer)

This is an atomizer that does not have the option of pre-assembled coils. It is a base for mounting the resistance and cotton, and contains the tank for the placement of the liquid. They usually have great air control. YFTK Bastard Style RTA is a great example of this atomizer. 

– RDA (Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer)

As its name implies, this atomizer has no tank and only needs to drip the liquid straight into the coil. It is one of the simplest models, but makes no mistake; it can offer dense clouds of steam and a great taste of the liquid to users. Usually it is used by more experienced vapers as it needs to be assembled.

– RDTA (Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer)

Now that you know the characteristics of the other atomizers, it’s easier to understand the specifics of this model. In general, it has the functionality of both an RDA and an RTA, that is, it is possible to drip the liquid directly into the coil and also has a tank in which it is possible to store the liquid / juice.

– Sub On Tank

Last but not least, the Sub On Tank atomizer is a tank in which the top is supplied. Your coils are pre-assembled, and to replace them, you change the resistance. This is the most widely used atomizer.

Knowing the difference between atomizer types makes all the difference in the vaporization process. Many seasoned vapers achieve very cool effects and maximize the available liquid / juice flavors, which may or may not contain nicotine. If this was a point that confused you in this universe, we hope you can now enjoy your experience more. Enjoy and get to know our models of atomizers at Vapeciga and start raising your level.

Structure of atomizer

Mod: It is the largest part, where are the batteries responsible for providing the electrical impulse that will turn into heat.

Base: It is the part that connects to the mod and receives the electrical impulse provided by the batteries and transfers it to the coil.

Coil: It is a type of resistor responsible for turning the electrical impulse into heat and heating the juice-soaked fuse that heats up and becomes the vapor.

Tank: The place where the liquid is stored and which transfers the substance in a controlled manner to the wick.

Nozzle: This is the tip where the user sips the steam produced in the coil.

The Liquids

In order for steam to be generated, it is necessary to feed the vape with a concentrated liquid also known as juice. It is composed of three or four substances: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), flavoring agents and in some cases nicotine, which is optional.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is an organic compound, a colorless, odorless, highly viscous substance with a sweet taste. It is considered safe for consumption and its heating creates dense white vapor.

Propylene glycol (PG) is a synthetic organic compound that aims to enhance the flavor of flavorings. It is a substance that is also used by the food industry in products like ice cream and some dairy products.