There are many advanced and progressive treatments out there in the present time. Talking about CyberKnife, it is one of the most advanced types of radiosurgery and it is a painless, non-invasive treatment that caters high doses of precisely targeted radiation to abolish tumours or lesions inside the body.   The procedure uses a robotic arm to cater to highly focused beams of radiation. The flexibility of the robotic arm makes it possible to do treatment of areas of the body, like that of the spine and spinal cord, that can’t be treated by other types of radiosurgery techniques. And if you speak of CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India, it is also not too high.

What is the Procedure?

In this procedure, the radiosurgery minimizes radiation exposure to the healthy tissue circling the tumour. Compared to other types of radio surgical treatments, the CyberKnife caters several advantages to patients, like that of rapid relief from pain and other symptoms. All the treatments get performed on an outpatient basis, with every treatment lasting between thirty to ninety minutes. The number of treatments differs depending on the tumour size, location and even that of shape, but characteristically only one to five regular sessions are needed. The CyberKnife permits patients to lie comfortably on the procedure table that too without anaesthesia while the robotic arm moves, without touching them, to do treatment of all areas of the tumour. Recovery is most of the times immediate, given its low risk of complications and any damage to healthy tissue.

Some conditions are also there that may be treated with a different non-invasive radiotherapy device known as the Gamma Knife, that also delivers a single, finely concentrated, high dose of radiation. Some professionals make use of Gamma Knife primarily to treat tiny benign or malignant brain tumours, trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy or abnormal blood vessel formations situated in the brain.

Lead your life normally after tumour 

Want to get back to living the life after tumour surgery? Professionals do understand. With the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System, the cancer care experts make it possible for the people and patients to receive the most effective and efficient treatment available with the least possible downtime. 

 CyberKnife vs. Other Radiosurgery Procedures

Conventional cancer treatments often consist of a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy often has opposing side effects, such as nausea and hair loss. Traditional radiation therapy is going to harm healthy tissue surrounding the tumour, often causing skin dryness, itching, blistering or even that of peeling, and traditional tumour removal surgery needs anaesthesia, incisions and stitches, all of which end up in a lengthy recovery after surgery.

Quick benefits of CyberKnife treatment 

  • It is absolutely Pain-free
  • There are no types of incisions
  • There is no need to  give anaesthesia
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Little to no recovery time

These benefits make CyberKnife an effective, professional, non-invasive procedure that can address a huge variety of patient needs and diagnosis.  You can talk to the professional surgeons or medical experts about the exact procedure they would carry for you. If you have any doubts there should be no hesitation and you must clear them with the experts.

Unrivalled and absolute accuracy

It might interest you that the CyberKnife System can treat moving tumours with pinpoint and absolute accuracy that is unmatched by other types of radiosurgery systems. This is mainly important when treating tumours that move with body functions, like that of breathing and digestion. X-rays in the CyberKnife are continually taking pictures of the tumour, comparing its location to the treatment plan, and promptly reporting it back through a sophisticated software program to that of the robot. The robot immediately responds to the new location and adjusts the beam to precisely target the tumour. This unique tracking capability ends up in extremely accurate delivery of radiation, sparing the surrounding healthy tissue and organs from getting harmed. In this way, there are no types of risks or any harm to you. This procedure is effective, safe and smooth.


Thus, you can check out CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India and must go for it if you are suffering from any grave and crucial health problem.