What is living with a hair transplant like?

Hair Transplant

Is it ok if I shampoo my hair regularly post transplant? Will the style stay without hair spray? Would I need another transplant after a few years? Does the transplant make me look any different or am I the same person? These and many such questions might cloud your thoughts after the transplant. And yes, it can make you extremely anxious as well. But it’s not you alone; many people grapple with similar doubts and questions. And post hair transplant life is not often discussed either. So if you have had a transplant or are considering, we suggest you read on to find out ‘what is living with a hair transplant like’?  

Let us just say it at the very onset – hair transplant is real and it works! And the reason why we are saying it is that in today’s day and age we still come across people who are just not ready to believe it. Accepting the fact is extremely important. For hair transplant results to show – it takes about 9-12 months – and in the interim, don’t let doubts creep in. Give it the required time and remember – patience is key.

Another question that we often get asked is, can hair transplant potentially change my life? Well, if your life depends upon the way you look – it surely does. It is a big boost for your confidence and self-esteem. You are no longer doubtful of your looks and are presentation ready. And if your day to day involves meeting clients or if you are in the media industry, it makes a marked difference. It helps you up your game and that does impact your life and career. Studies show that people who underwent a hair transplant felt more self-assured and also seemed more attractive to the opposite sex.

Imagine a year after the hair transplant. You get up one morning, have shampooed your hair (which you can regularly by the way!), blow-dried it, put on your hair gel and now want to style it for the day. But you don’t seem to be satisfied. It is at this point we must warn you – keep your expectations real. If after a hair transplant, you want a head full of hair – like the rock stars from the 80’s – then you surely would be disappointed. It is worth remembering that you have moved from no hair to some and accepting this fact is important.

Moreover, the quality and density of the new hair also depends on your donor hair. So while some people might just get a comb over, others might get a head full of hair. The results are different for every patient.

Once you have had a hair transplant, don’t think all is forgiven. It is no excuse for indulgence and excesses. Yes, no points for guessing – we are referring to your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is key – pre or post hair transplant. You have to make sure that you are getting all the required nutrients. That your diet comprises of green leafy vegetables and protein. Moreover, regular exercise is not just important for your body but also for the health of your hair. And yes, tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse can have an adverse impact – especially when your body is recuperating.

For a hair transplant to be successful, a lot depends upon the surgeon. The specialist you choose is central to not only the procedure but post transplant care as well. And whenever doubts and questions creep in, it is best to seek an appointment and talk to the concerned specialist. They can help you make a smooth transition and instil confidence in the way you look.