What is an MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a technique that is used for getting images of various body structures. The entire process is based on radiological techniques which involve radio waves, and a computer system. Today in medical and healthcare industry MRI plays a very important role as it is now widely available in most of the hospitals and separate MRI centers for diagnostic purposes. The image created by the MRI has a very high resolution means the doctor can differentiate every little internal structure very vividly. Any kind of structural change in tissue, organs or bones can be detected with MRI images.

Even sometime to increase the overall accuracy of images contrasts substances like gadolinium, Magnevist, dotarem, etc. are also used. The scanner is basically made in the shape of a tube inside which the patient lies down and it gets covered by a large magnet which along with radio waves align the protons of the body and spin them to create a signal. The signal then gets transmitted by the receiver into the computer by creating a magnetic image.

Uses of MRI imaging

MRI scanner is such an invention using which the doctors and researchers can know what is going on inside the human body without having to take any invasive route. Today there are many instances when doctors tend to get an MRI image for diagnosis, like:

  • To identify various types of cysts, tumors or any kind of tissue growth so that it can be examined and removed in time.
  • Any kind of brain and spinal cord related anomalies can also be tracked down by using functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Bone structures can be examined for any kind of injury or aberration.
  • It can detect the uterine anomalies leading to infertility and can also detect the signs of endometriosis and fibroids which can cause pelvic pain.
  • MRI scanning also helps detect various organ related issues like heart problems, liver, pancreas, and intestinal problems.
  • Today MRI is also used extensively to detect cancers and tumors and the most common one is for breast cancer in women.

Every day the uses of MRI in increasing as the researchers are finding new ways to diagnose certain problems beforehand only.

How does MRI work?

The MRI scanner can look intimidating at first as it is quite huge. However, it is one of the best innovations of medical science and it can effectively replace the CT scanners with less ionizing radiations.

An MRI scanner consists of two magnets which are powerful and the entire system depends on them. A body is made up of water molecules and these water molecules have oxygen and hydrogen atoms. There are protons inside the hydrogen atoms which when comes in a magnetic field acts as a magnet itself so when it the first magnet is switched on the protons get aligned in a direction. And when the second magnet is turned on and off continuously, the hydrogen atoms start spinning which then produces a signal which is caught by the receiver in the scanner. The magnetic field is created by using the gradient coils through which the electricity is passed.

Preparing for an MRI

Patients tend to get anxious about an MRI scan appointment, but if one has the good doctors and specialists like in the many specialist mri hospitals Hyderabad, guiding them through then it is nothing to be worried about. The time required for completing the entire scanning process depends entirely on the body the part which is to be scanned. Usually, it can extend from 30 minutes to 90 minutes maximum. At times to get the imaging correctly patient might get injected with certain liquid contrast enhancers.

Before starting the scan one need to remove all the metallic items that one has on them. If the person suffers from claustrophobia and anxiety issues the most of the time they are injected with a certain sedative which will help the patient relax. Also, one needs to lie down without much movement because for the scanner to work accurate one need to be completely still with a regular breathing pattern. Most of the technicians and the doctors tend to interact with the patient continuously especially if the imaging takes to long to be completed. One can also be provided with headphones or earplugs to block out the loud noise of the scanner by listening to music.

Choosing the right MRI centre

There are several MRI centres in town these days, that one can find online. or one can take referrals to form one’s family and friends to learn about some of the best mri in Hyderabad where they tend to provide the best care to their patients. Some of the points that one need to keep in mind while picking one are:

  • Accreditation: if one is looking for a standard MRI in one’s city then one should search for the centres which are accredited by the national board of hospitals and healthcare service (NABH). This will assure one of the facts that they are meeting all the standards required by the board and thus are capable of providing the best care.
  • Amenities and facilities: a good MRI centre should be equipped with the best technology and facilities so that one gets the best diagnostic results with precision and accuracy without any delay. They should have an MRI machine with a wider bore so that the patients do not feel too claustrophobic inside. Other than having good technology, one should also have the best technicians and doctors who are trained and certified to use an MRI scanner.
  • Convenience: the convenience attached to a center should be both time and distance based as well as financial based. Look for a center which is near to ones place so that one does not have to travel a lot to get their imaging done. Also, find a center who is not too expensive and they should accept various payment options.
  • Good services: lastly, the most important thing to check is whether the center has good staff who are friendly and are capable of clearing all kind of doubts regarding appointments, scheduling, fees, timings, etc.

Choosing a good MRI center is no more a difficult task as now one can search for centers online as well as offline. If one makes sure that all the components are looked out for while picking the right place then one can also be assured of good imaging results which will be helpful in further treatment.