Falling into addiction is easy however it takes a lot of determination. Any kind of toxic addiction will always harm you today or in the longer run. Especially when you consume alcohol or get addicted to any kind of drug, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty painful. These chemicals dwell harmful effects and the need for ‘having it now’ is one of them. Once you decide to quit such addiction, the first few days or weeks take a lot of effort and tolerance level to stand on your determination.

There are different types of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you decide to quit anything abruptly. If you plan to decide and take help with doctors and proper medication, it may reduce the struggle and help you pass through the tough phase. 

What is PAWS? 

Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) are the symptoms that you experience as and when you decide to quit alcohol or drug addiction. People with light addiction may come out of it easily however those who are consuming this for years may take months or a year to come out of it.

PAWS symptoms are prolonged symptoms that are even observed after you come out of acute withdrawal symptoms. Severe headache, nausea, body ache, cramps, and others are major symptoms of PAWS. Most of the time, you feel the aggravation urge of going back to where you quit. 

PAWS Symptoms

There are several symptoms of PAWS depending on the type of addiction and the severity of the addiction. The dosage, duration or the density of urge along with the maturity period measures the symptoms. A few of the symptoms are listed below. 

Irritability and Hostility

When you suffer from PAWS, you go through a tough situation. You feel irritation and doesn’t like even a blooming flower. You get filled with anger and possess negative vibes with unfriendly nature. 


This is a behavior that haunts you in every corner. You can feel depressed even in other’s happiness. Depressed people can’t stand with others as they behave strangely and people always try to avoid staying close to such people. 


Anxiety is a state of mind where you feel nervous and you don’t feel like to mingle up with anyone. You don’t even feel like to be with your family members and dark corners comfort you in such a situation. You worry for even small matters to the grave and feel concerned. There are several therapies, herbs, supplements, and activities that you can try to come out of this situation. 

Deep Urges & Craving

In the initial stage, you got to be strong. You will need to fight strongly and stand still to fight with the urges and craving of having it again. This craving is so strong that you might need the support of your family and friends to overcome this. 

Mood Swings

Your mood changes ten times a day and most of the time you feel negative. You get panic attacks in the absence of the drug or alcohol as the urge of having it kills you deep within. 

Low Energy and Fatigue

When you try and quit alcohol or any kind of drug, the urge of having it drains your energy until you either have it or pass through the tough time. The tiredness and exhaustion drain your energy to the core of it. 

Sleep Disruption or Insomnia

People suffering from PAWS also experience sleep disruption or insomnia as the most common PAWS symptoms. You may feel dizziness during the daytime and may not be able to sleep at night. Mostly, people consume drugs during the night time and when they decide to quit it, they feel restless during the time. As an alarm clock, the feeling of haunting hunts you and puts you in the situation of insomnia. 

Lack of Focus and Decision Making

When you go through the phase of PAWS, you can’t focus on any given tasks. Your concentration gets distracted and you face the toughest time in making any decisions. Instead of thinking twice, you think 100 times before making any decision and you still keep on with the same process. Your mind can’t focus and keeps on popping from one task to another as you feel restless. The clarity of thought is always missing during such a process. 

Inexplicable Chronic Pain

Thinking of quitting alcohol or consumption of drugs is easy however as soon as you start doing it, from the very first day you feel restless and suffer inexplicable chronic pain. The moment you take a dose of it, you feel relaxed. If you can be strong for these few moments, you can slowly and gradually overcome the situation and win over self.

When you decide to quick and actually do it for the first day, you have won half of the battle. Slowly and gradually you will change your rehabilitation and your habit of consumption will overcome. During this process your feelings and psychological symptoms will change as you will feel depressed, the cravings may try to haunt you and you suffer anxiety or exhaustion, but if you keep yourself positive, You can definitely overcome the symptoms of PAWS. The physiological adaptation may take some time but surrounding yourself with positive people and positive vibes will help you come out of this sensitivity.