Family is arguably most precious aspect of any individual’s life. It is therefore essential to take proper care of them and their health. Health insurance plans can make it easier. These plans help you take care of any unexpected expenses which may arise. In other words, it covers all medical expenses and acts as a financial backup to the insured in times of need.

There are a lot of policy options available in the market today. One such product is Family Floater Health Insurance Policy, respective to health insurance. It is up to an individual to choose one which is the most appropriate depending on the situation. Certain institutions also provide the option to customise plans as per customer needs.

Benefits of health insurance plans

Following are some advantages of having a health insurance policy –

  1. Medical treatment more accessible

Insurance schemes allow individuals to avail healthcare benefits with ample of financial coverage as per policy terms.

  1. Post and pre-hospitalisation coverage

Some of the top family health insurance policies in India cover pre and post-hospitalisation charges for up to 60 days and 90 days respectively.

  1. Cost of transportation

Transportation charges involving the cost of ambulance are also comprehensively covered under most such policies.

  1. No Claim Bonus (NCB)

It is a bonus which the inured receives if he/she does not file a claim for any treatment within the last year.

  1. Medical check-up

A Family floater health insurance policy also provides health check-up options. Free health check-ups are also provided by the insurers which are based on the previous NCBs.

  1. Room rent

The room expenses are also covered based on the add-ons and covers a policyholder has opted for while buying a health insurance policy.

Types of health insurance plans

Following are the different available health insurance plans –

  1. Health Insurance for individual

Individual health insurance schemes provide coverage to a particular member of the family who has his name on the documents. Depending on the insurance plans and coverage, the policy reduces the financial burden in times of an unforeseen health condition.

  1. Critical illness plan

These plans are generally based on the benefits which pay a significant sum on the diagnosis of a pre-defined critical illness and the respective medical procedures.

You can avail a critical ilness plan from Bajaj Finserv to cover any sudden expenses which may arise due to a critical medical condition.

The illnesses are defined at the beginning. Depending on the nature, critical diseases are highly dangerous, and the low frequency and treatment costs are higher as compared to other common health problems such as heart attack, stroke, etc.

  1. Family floater plan

Family floater health insurance policy covers the entire family, including the spouse/husband, and children up to 25 years of age. Every member of the family shares its benefits in this case and such insurance requires only one premium.

Bajaj Finserv brings you a range of products including family health insurance under its Pocket Insurance Category. The policy helps you and your family stay prepared for any medical emergencies that may come your way.

Why choose a family floater plan?

In case of individual insurance plans, only the registered members can avail the benefits in contrast to family floater plans which bring every family member under one insurance umbrella. A personal plan for every member can require more significant premiums as compared to a family floater plan for the entire family.

Following are the major benefits of family floater plan.

  1. Benefits of income tax under section 80D
  2. Family members are added in the floater
  3. A member who is making a claim can apply for a higher sum insured at a much lesser cost

Health should be the primary concern no matter what. Opting for a health insurance scheme, is therefore, not an option but a necessity. Health insurance for family can help you stay prepared for any emergency which may arise suddenly. Not only that, it makes the entire treatment procedure much simpler and affordable. It is therefore recommended that every individual or family put an insurance policy or scheme in place early to reap the best of its benefits and live a secure and healthy life. You can opt for a family health insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv to better prepare for health-related emergencies.