The reasons why teens first try alcohol or drugs are widely varied. Some sources point to peer pressure and others point towards rebellion against both parents and the laws of the land.Whatever the reasons are, some teens struggle to stop and ultimately need professional intervention. If you suspect your teen has an issue with any illicit substance, there are plenty of sources of help available. Rehabilitation centres in Malaysia and across the world have dedicated specialists that are specially trained to treat young people and ultimately help them to get off whatever substance they are having issues with.

Try Alcohol And DrugsTeenage Kicks from Alcohol

Right across the world, the most common ‘drug’ that is abused is alcohol and young adults will want to try it at some stage. They see other people, possibly role models, having a drink and think that it’s totally acceptable. Moderation is not a consideration for many young people, and they will commonly drink until they feel ill. For the vast majority of young adults, experimentation with alcohol is just a passing phase, something they can tick off their list of ‘adult things’ to try but for some, this can be the trigger to a life of alcohol addiction.

alcohol rehab for teens

If you suspect your teen has surpassed the experimentation stage and have seen signs that it is negatively impacting upon their health and wellbeing it may be time to see professional help. Contrary to popular belief, rehab is not just for celebrities you see on the TV, rehabilitation centres cater for everyone, from youngster to mature adults. In fact, alcohol rehab for teens is now quite commonly utilised and the professionals that work within these facilities hold specific qualifications.

Drugs Experimentation

Although a much smaller proportion in comparison to alcohol, teens will experiment with drugs if the opportunity arises. This is rarely a problem if it’s just a quick smoke of a joint at a party or similar, but the main problems start if the teen is offered something harder and significantly more damaging to health. The people who smoke cannabis are much more likely to have access to other drugs as well, some of which may be tempting for a teen to try. 

Again, alcohol can play a part as imbibing alcohol generally loosens inhibitions and makes people take decisions they wouldn’t usually consider if they hadn’t been drinking. If you notice any signs that your teen might have gone beyond the experimentation stage in regard to drugs and you can see their behaviour is not normal for them, it may be time to seek help. Rehab facilities that deal with alcohol issues can also help treat people who have problems with drugs. 

Ultimately, many teenagers will experiment with alcohol and drugs as in some circles it is almost a rite of passage to adulthood, but a small number of teens will fall through the net and encounter difficulties. If you need assistance with any drug or alcohol issues your teen may be experiencing, help is at hand via local family doctors and dedicated rehabilitation centres.