Colorectal cancer affects the digestive system and more specifically the large intestine. It develops, in the majority of cases, from cells lining the colon or rectum. The treatments are adapted to each case depending in particular on the stage of the disease, the location of the tumour and the general state of health. They may include surgery (removal of the tumour by bowel resection with or without a stoma), chemotherapy, radiation therapy (in cases of rectal cancer) and targeted therapies.

Very often, these treatments cause eating disorders, which can cause a general weakening and lead to modify or even stop the current treatments. Also, it is important to report any appearance of discomfort to the healthcare team in order to adapt the diet as best as possible. But here I have some advice which will help you reduce the effect of cancer. If you know what are metastases then you will get the real information about what to eat in cancer.

Use less salt

High salt intake is associated with a higher risk of stomach cancer. This information comes mainly from Japanese and Korean data where we eat large quantities of meat, fish, vegetables preserved in salt. The salt would damage the walls of the stomach, and cause lesions. For other sources of dietary salt, the studies are less telling. As a precaution, however, it is advisable to reduce all forms of food salt.

Consume less Fried Food

Fried foods contain fat breakdown products (free fatty acids, polar compounds) which add to the body’s toxic load. Above all, many fried foods (French fries, crisps) contain high levels of acrylamide , a potentially carcinogenic substance.

Eliminate Red Meat

An excess of red meat also results in an excess of iron in the body, especially in men and also in women over 50. Excess dietary iron seems to be associated with a higher risk of certain cancers, either because iron is the source of very reactive particles called free radicals, or because it is involved in other reactions. 

Stop eating Cold meat

People who frequently consume cold meats, especially cured meats, have a higher risk of digestive tract cancer compared to people who eat little. This is probably explained by the presence of nitrite salt in these foods. Nitrites can under certain circumstances give rise to carcinogens, nitrosamines. Instead you can eat cancer fighting food.

Ultra Processed food are dangerous

Ultra-processed foods contribute to obesity and overweight, therefore to the risk of several cancers . Contrary to popular belief, ultra processed food are not just about traditional junk foods like soda or fries. In reality, they represent 80% of the current supply in supermarkets, including in the dietetic, organic or “vegetarian” departments. These foods represent more than a third of the foods consumed by the Indian. According to the researchers, they are the leading cause of early death in large cities.

Just the right amount of calories

Calorie restriction (CR), a diet in which the number of calories is reduced compared to spontaneous energy consumption, prevents cancer experimentally (in animals), but these teachings are believed to be valid for the To be human. Also, when you eat fewer calories, it seems that cancer cells have more difficulty in multiplying.