You have been at your work station all day long. Your shoulders and neck feel like a hunk of rock. You can barely turn around without squealing in pain. Your back is missing your bed, and you are craving a touch of relief for your hunched shoulders. You are one of the few lucky ones if your office has arranged for a chair massage session. Office chair massages can be incredibly helpful in relieving stiffness, pain, and swollenness of the back, neck, shoulders, and arms.

If you have never experienced a chair massage in Boston before, you might wonder what to expect. Do you need to carry a towel? Is a spare set of formal wear or gym wear necessary? Will massage oil be a part of the process? These are some common questions almost every first-timer asks before his or her first office chair massage session. These are entirely justified questions that will help you figure out how you should prepare for your massage and what you should expect out of the session.

So, here we go, let’s take a look at these facts that will put you at ease before the day –


  • When should you show up?


Some special occasions, like grand openings for office events, celebration after an award ceremony, and introduction of new health policies, offer chair massages in a first come, first serve basis. Find out all about the occasion in your Boston Office site beforehand. If it is going to be a busy event, you might want to grab a seat as soon as possible. Since chair massages are relaxing, the lines for these massages can grow long very quickly.

Generally, during office massage events, you cannot book a spot. However, if you have the good fortune of doing so, try showing up at least 10 minutes before the time of appointment. Showing up late will cut into the duration of your massage.


  • What should you wear?


For an in-office chair massage, dressing up comfortably yet formally can be quite tricky, especially for men in Boston offices. You cannot merely show up in sweat pants or tracks at your workplace, but “massage” sounds like something that demands comfy clothes like shorts and a t-shirt.

Thankfully, office chair massages do not require you to take off your clothes. Just try to wear something comfortable and light. If you have a thick jacket or a heavy sweater on, the therapist in-charge might request you to take that off, if that is at all appropriate.

The goal of the massage is to mobilize the muscles locally, and piling on a lot of layers might reduce the efficiency of the movements. So, whether you wear a blazer to work or a formal jacket, a pantsuit or skirt, you should be able to sit on the massage chair comfortably for the session.


  • When should you avoid chair massages?


Are you recovering from a recent surgery? Have you been experiencing nausea and dizziness recently? Are you pregnant, or are you a new mother? Only in such situations should you think about omitting the chair massage at your office in Boston. If you are unsure about the massage, you can give your personal physician a call before the day of the event.

The Boston chair massage services appoint professional massage therapists, who can address joint mobility problems, stress-related stiffness, and chronic pain among their adult clients. However, if you have any chronic health conditions, including a few of the ones mentioned above, you should inform the therapist before sitting on that massage throne.


  • Is my weight appropriate for a chair massage?


You can relax. We are not here to body-shame or fat-shame anyone! The most responsible Boston mobile massage services have the client’s safety and security in mind. None of the massage services will offer services for certain weight groups and restrict others from participating.

If you are particularly concerned about your weight, you should talk to the therapist on site. Although it is a rarity that a massage chair does not support a client’s weight, it is better to speak to the expert on-site directly. Moreover, he or she might be able to help you out with any lower back pain and shoulder pain that might be a result of your weight problems.


  • What kind of shoes should you wear?


During a chair massage, it is not the norm for the therapist to attend to your feet. Therefore, it often makes no difference what shoes you are wearing. If you are wearing stilettoes and you want to be comfortable, then you might ask them if you can take your shoes off. Otherwise, they are highly unlikely to ask you to take off your shoes. Unless you are putting in a special request, your therapist is not going to touch your legs or feet at all.


  • Will the therapist use oil during the massage?


Since chair massages take place inside office spaces or workplace fitness areas, the use of oil and lotions is rare. If they do offer any, it might just be for your hands and neck. Most importantly, since you will be keeping your clothes on, they should always ask your permission before applying it.

The ideal chair massage can last between 5 minutes and 30 minutes depending on the individual’s need, and the slots the corporate body has booked. If you are hard pressed for time, you should speak to the person in charge of the activity for the exact duration. The length of a massage should depend on an individual’s current health. If you have too many “knots” on your back, you might need a more extended session than your friend, who works out every day and gets 8-hours of sleep.

Your therapist should be able to help you out with your neck pain, shoulder pain, lumbar stiffness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. While the list seems restrictive, addressing only these problems will bring forth a tremendous positive change in your productivity and energy level.