Losing weight is not an easy process, so many people want to lose their weight so they start skipping food and their favorite meals which may occur weakness sometime because by skipping food we not only reduce fat we also lost that important vitamins and minerals. Though there are some minerals and vitamins when you take it, they will ensure your body to work efficiently and it can also reduce your weight.


Iron is very important to our body it makes blood and it helps in creating energy from nutrients. Iron carries the oxygen and transfers it into cells and the muscles of the body this process start burning fat. The deficiency of iron can also be the reason to put on weight when the iron deficiency rises it shows some symptoms like weakness, low level of energy and fatigue. Iron deficiency can also reduce the physical performance, women can experience more iron deficiency due to the monthly denotation of blood, so the use of meat, spinach, beans, and shellfish are store a lot of iron by using these items you can reduce your iron deficiency and it can also help to lose weight.


Magnesium plays an important role in the production of energy in the body. This mineral acts a contributory cause of disease it has more than 300 enzyme system, this deficiency is may cause of wide reactions in the body like high and low blood pressure, deficiency of blood glucose, nervous system problem. Most people gain weight because of deficiency of blood glucose to complete the magnesium use nuts, legumes, seeds, and green leafy vegetables but do not use extreme level of magnesium it often results in diarrhoea.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is based on a healthy immune system, the sun is the great source of Vitamin D and nowadays people spend more time in their home, offices, universities, and schools and some people live in that climate where the sun is not always bright, deficiency of vitamin D can cause pain in bones and you feel lazy and painful to fulfil the deficiency of Vitamin D from food it is difficult, use supplements that rich from vitamin D, deficiency of vitamin D may create depression and stress and depression makes the body plump. According to research that the overweight can plump the human and it may occur by the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. except for sun we can also take vitamin D from food, for instance, egg yolk, tuna, cod liver oil, salmon, sardines and fortified cereals.

Vitamins B

The vitamins are the most important for the proper functioning of metabolism. The main characteristics of these vitamins that it is gives to your body metabolise proteins, fats and carbohydrates and its stored the energy in food the vitamins B includes riboflavin B-2, pantothenic acid B-5, biotin B-7, cobalamin B-12, thiamine B-1, niacin B-3, pyridoxine B-6, folate B-9. The thiamine B-1 helps the body to convert the cells into carbohydrate energy, it means the low levels of the vitamins like one or more are means for your metabolism, this makes weight loss rapidly. Our regular used food is full of B vitamins such as milk, bananas, potatoes, lean meat, whole grain, beans, and lentils. The more use of these things gives you that you always wanted.

Minerals and vitamins can give you the energy to manage your stress, positive mood and it can reduce fatigue. If you add these things in your diet you will be expected more successful and you can also lose your weight because without knowing that how many calories you have to each day you cannot reduce your weight. Experts also suggest that food items in your diet that are full of vitamins and minerals and other gaps you can fill with the supplements

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