Every person should hail the providence for giving the gift of teeth. Have you ever imagined what would happen to you or how would you look without teeth? Well, if you have missing teeth on the inner gums, it might cause a little difficulty while chewing food. But what about the ones, missing right on the front line? It only affects your facial aesthetics and makes you look more aged than you truly are. 

A dental implant procedure helps to regain your facial and dental aesthetics because with the loss of teeth you are bound to witness these challenges.

  • Facial angles: As the teeth start to fall, a gap is created between the two ranges of teeth. This leads to a reduction in the height of the jawbone over time that changes the angulation of the face. Consequently, it alters the shape of your face and makes the nose appear bigger than its original size. All these together make your face look shrunken.
  • Wrinkles and lines: When the face begins to sink, there appear wrinkles that gradually make you look older. The prominent lines make ‘crisscrosses’ on your face, making you look withered.
  • Changes in bite patterns: Since not having a tooth or more makes it difficult for you to bite, tear and chew, there are noticeable changes in the way you eat. Deterioration in the manner of biting affects your facial appearances that cause the corners of the mouth to lose shape. This hampers your looks, making your face look saggy.
  • Pointed chin: Missing teeth forces you to use your tongue to soften the food because you cannot use your teeth effectively to chew. This causes you to push the remaining teeth forward resulting in misalignment. Besides, this tends to push your chin outward making it pointed and protruding.
  • Sagging cheeks: Teeth give structure to the cheeks and when they start falling, it causes the cheeks to disfigure. The facial muscles loosen and weaken and that begins to make the cheeks sag. 
  • Thinning of lips: Teeth support fuller lips but missing teeth cause them to look thin. With the weakened muscles around the mouth, the lips can also look longer. 
  • Unhappy looks: As a result of all these problems, your face looks unhappy and burdened with age. At times, your face might appear sad even though it is not even the case. 

Why take the risk of facing such embarrassments when you can prevent teeth decay, loosening and damage with simple dental care. Also remember to avoid acidic and starchy foods, abstain from smoking and drinking to maintain your precious teeth. Get the healthiest teeth accompanied by a beautiful smile.