Music is a healthy habit for all of us because it keeps a deep connection which directly hits our inner soul, mental stability, emotional sense,and affects our physical appearance in a positive manner. Music is such effective medicine which reduces our anxiety and stress in an awful way. Music is what that brings us out of the depression and helps us to overcome during this painful duration. Nowadays people in our society use the music as a source of balance to relieve the stress and also for the source of enjoyment.

Physical Improvements

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A listening to motivational songs updates your physical state of the body. Because they are mostly fast track songs which helps you to maintain your physical and mental level alert, hopeful and in positive.Some people also used these fast-track songs during their workout in order to increase their stamina and upgrade their physical performance and fitness level. Like if a person has a habit of running in the morning for sake of workout these fast songs are really helpful in enhancing the stamina. A group of physical instructors found that the person who listens to fast songs while running covers more distance then the person running who don’t listen to songs.

Memorial Improvements
According to the report published in London times back in 2014,which reveals that the people who listen to music on regular basis have good verbal memory and got a more focused and attentive hearing power.When we hear some old songs they remind us of our past special memories of relations and make us feel happy or sad according to the memories. However, with the help of music, we can bring back our beautiful memories which makes us feel comfortable. Meanwhile, if we are suffering from some critical situations music used to heals us with its inspiring and lyrical syntax of various songs.

Seeking Musical Instrument
It has been proved from the various studies that those people who started playing the musical instruments like guitar or violin from their childhood, it then protects their brain sharpness later in their life even above 60’s of age and blessed with a more focused strength than the other ordinary people who don’t have such habit in their life. These students then perform better in their studies as well as in their other activities. Therefore, parents should buy their children a musical instrument to increase their focused level.

Performance Improvement
As a matter of fact, listening to music while working help people to perform better and complete their tasks more quickly especially when someone is writing emails or filing documents. According to one study which shows that surgeons perform better and accurate when they listen to the songs of their own choice during operation.Fast music is capable to increase our heart rate, breathing,and blood pressure depending upon the lyrics of the songs and slow music might provide us a comfort zone and a relaxing environment which reduces our stress and make us able to perform better.Some studies show that people are more creative and unique who listens tomusic while completing their work.

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 Eating less Amount of Food
Most of the times you may have noticed that in most favorable restaurants,a soft music is being played in the backgrounds or the group of people are playing guitar in very low pitch which releases quite a smooth sound which makes people eat less because of the slow environment creation with the music. According to research conducted by the students of Sydney, Australia which depicts that people tend to eat less up to 18% just because of this slow music in the background.

Improvement in Moods
Music is what that changes the mood of the person instantly and benefit the overall well-being. Especially benefits the mental and psychological level of the person and helps in making the better decision after releasing the stress and give us an entertaining and freshly atmosphere which could help us to maintain our mental health.

Improvement in Sleeping
An interview held in Tokyo, Japan from the consultant of National Sleep Foundation, who told that people who listen to the soft and slow songs before bed usually sleep better and longer than the other people. He also revealed from one study that people who listen to songs before sleeping are 35 percent more active during the day.