Every physician should get paid for the services they offer to the patients. Healthcare organization often lack in keeping up with the updated changing regulation, changing in coding etc leading to improper cash flow. This is affecting the overall revenue generation of healthcare organizations. As the medical billing is a complex and challenging industry and tends to be time-consuming and expensive, is one of the reasons why healthcare providers now days see outsourcing as their best option. Outsourcing not only eases the billing tension but also proves to be more cost effective providing a faster effective result. Nowadays the only concern the healthcare providers’ faces are finding the right operational extension offering a profitable outcome for their medical billing services.

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Benefits of choosing Sunknowledge for your outsourcing option:

Sunknowledge Service Inc with decades of working experience with both providers and payers we are one of the largest in DME medical billing organization. With more than 100 clients including Medtronic, more than 50% of our work involves in DME medical billing with a turnover of $1.6 billion annually.  Our pool of well-equipped resources not only expertise in DME medical billing but also in radiology, orthotics and prosthetics and 26 other specialties offering data entry, eligibility verification, claims management and account receivable.  Our resources are equally proficiency in working in several industry practice management and billing software like DME Team Prime Rx, SOS, Futura and brightree billing service which makes us unique.

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Sunknowledge support for DME Medical Billing:

  • Operational transparency with a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance with no binding contract
  • 97% highest collection rate in the medical billing sector
  • 30% shrink in AR bucket from the first month itself
  • No cost dedicated account manager
  • No hidden cost and no contractual binding
  • Customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly according to clients protocol

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Not only you will experience the above facilities but due to our guaranteed 70% reduction in your operational cost will ease your worry helping you bid, the price which is at your mind for DME Bidding. So leverage Sunknowledge benefit at this Medicare bidding program season and get a stress free customized solution for your DME Medical billing problem.  Call our expert over a no commitment call and experience improvement in your patient’s satisfaction, financial performance and increase in your ROI.

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