Instead of being affected health-wise, mentally and physically both, because of a loan you are struggling to repay, why not take a loan that will protect your health? This is about health insurance cover which often asks for a high premium to get started. Did you ever consider the risk of fatal illnesses, chronic health issues, and accidents, etc., which may suddenly or gradually affect life badly? The consequences of health issues in life can be very disturbing and disrupt the very low of normal life to a great extent.

Be prepared to face a life where health issues are hurdles

Some illnesses are chronic and due to lifestyle or genetic reasons, and would stay with you forever, and you will have to take care of them always through continued health care and medical treatment. Some illnesses and diseases are acute and occur suddenly and can change the whole track of life. They can affect your earning potential along with daily wellbeing, and also affect the quality of life, communication, relationships, mobility, and so many things. Sometimes you may be affected by unfortunate events like terrorist activity, accident, blast, or anything, which impairs many of your operability and functionality temporarily or permanently, and can change your whole life in many ways. Altogether, life is full of surprises, and not all surprises are pleasant. Yet you should be prepared to face them all, and still, go on with life.

How to prepare to face health issues and related problems

The preparation to go on with health issues actually happens in two ways. One is the mental preparation to strive and struggle and move further while embracing and overcoming challenges. The next preparatory move is a financial backup. If you do not have the necessary financial backup to face such challenges, you would be left helpless in such situations. Not all are lucky to have a great friend, family, and relatives to offer monetary help and unconditional support. You may be all on your own, and may not get financial support and other support when you need it. Hence, a good financial backup is the way to secure medical treatment and health care in times of need. And you may plan to get continuous financial backup either through life or at sudden events.

No money – no health

Although there is no direct connection between being wealthy and being healthy, yet money has a deep connection with maintaining and improving health. Normally if you have to live a healthy life, money is not a necessity for this. You may lead a healthy life by eating healthy, practicing healthy habits, avoiding toxins as much as possible, and exercising daily. A simple holistic life can bring health without having to go through a lot of expenses. You need not to spend a lot to maintain an already healthy body. But sadly most people cannot continue with all of these. You may have a problem with lifestyle, may have a problem with eating and food habits, and many do not practice all necessary healthy habits in life. Top it up with the absence of exercising in most cases, and you will understand why there are so many health issues in the lives of people.

Sadly not all issues are for this, and many issues are congenital or birth-related too. Therefore you really need money to fix these problems which you cannot fix otherwise. And here you need a financial backup for starting and continuing treatment for medical care and improvement of health issues. If you don’t have money, you really have a narrow chance to get help for health improvement in this world. Hence the importance of health insurance is so very evident.

How to get health insurance with money constraint?

A health insurance cover can give you the much needed financial backup when you need it the most. You can get the insurance company to pay for your medical treatment when you need it. If you don’t have lump sum money to pay for health care, then also you need not to panic, because youur medical insurance will cover you. But, the question is, if you don’t have money to spend on health care and medical treatments, how can you get money to buy health insurance too? That best solution to secure a financial backup for medical expenses is by taking a small loan now to pay for the health insurance premium.

Normally premiums can be paid in two ways. One is by paying it at once to buy the health cover, and another is by paying it in equal monthly installments. But when you opt to pay by EMIs, then you also pay a higher premium for that cover because of interest rates raising that EMI. And if you want to avoid paying a higher premium, then you may opt for a loan amount for the premium, and instead of paying a higher EMI for premium, you may pay a planned lower EMI for the loan instead.

Plan your loans smartly

Debts are a part of life, and people do get indebted for various reasons. In case you also are already indebted and lack a good health insurance cover too, it’s time to get out of debt, and also secure your health.  You must do both to ensure better health in the future. Therefore timely financial planning, debt management and consultation for debt consolidation and settlement, etc. are important. Going through debt consolidation reviews and money management plans by experts would help you further.


Health and wealth both are equally important to survive in today’s world and enjoy an average of rich, luxurious and high-quality life. To make it happen your way, you may have to take some financial aid in the form of loans. But then again you must plan it efficiently too to not get into the trap of unmanageable and problematic debt. When you balance it right, you can take care of your health and life better and manage difficult situations.