The last couple of decades have witnessed rising numbers of patients visiting India, coming from all parts of the world. According to surveys conducted, India is considered to be among the fastest growing country with regards to medical tourism in the world. The presence of highly skilled, experienced and talented specialists in almost every field of medical science is what has been compelling patients to visit this country to avail further and complete treatment. The popularity of India as a medical tourism hub is also due to the aspect of its offering low medical costs, combined with world-class healthcare services. Furthermore, the adoption of advanced and highly sophisticated medical equipment and the establishment of top quality hospitals and nursing homes with a cool and pleasant environment have been luring patients to come here. This is what actually makes this country to be among the most sought after destination to avail healthcare facilities. Medical treatment in India is very much effective and has benefitted thousands of patients to date.

Cost Factor

Patients who come to the country for medical treatment purpose tend to do so for various reasons. The truth is that patients from the developing countries look forward to availing treatment in India, as they might not be able to derive such facilities in their own countries or have that kind of equipment or doctors that will be required for the treatment. Medical tourism in the country has been witnessing patients arriving from the neighbouring countries, including western countries. This is because in the United States, Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world are faced with expensive and steep medical costs. There are also few medical procedures that are not covered in their insurance coverage, which means, they need to pay the entire expenses from their own pockets. Such steep charges might simply not be possible for many patients. Hence, they will be looking forward to getting better treatment, but at lower rates, and not having to compromise on the quality aspect. This is where Indian doctors and medical facilities are proven to be effective. Also, rushing to India will help them to avoid the long waiting period that is generally witnessed in several routine procedures.

Cost difference

The cost in the USA and the European countries is very high and that of India is low. Open heart surgery in Britain costs about $70,000 and in the US by around $150,000. The best hospitals in India are known to charge around $3,000 to $10,000 only, which is a fraction of what the developed countries are charging. Knee surgery in India costs about $7,700 (Rs. 3.5 lakhs). But in Britain, the same surgery is around $16,950. Majority of the healthcare firms and hospitals in the country are known to offer their medical tourists and patients with lucrative packages to promote medical tourism in the country. They offer assistance or package deal which includes hotels, flights, treatment, medication, as well as a post-operative vacation as recommended by the doctor.

Hence, patients eager to visit India to avail medical treatment are likely to be interested with the type of services and the quality offered by the hospitals and doctors here. The National Accreditation Hospital and Healthcare Provider Board (NABH) and Joint Commission International (JCI) are considered to be the two globally recognized quality healthcare standards. This country does boast of having over 30 JCI accredited healthcare facilities including 425 NABH accredited hospitals and this list is slowly, but steadily growing to help the ever-continuing medical tourists to get the very best treatment possible.

Friendly policies

The Indian government also has been coming out with several friendly policies to help promote medical tourism. Several visa norms have already been relaxed on people coming to the country on a medical tourist visa, which requires a 2-month gap among repeated visits, especially to those from the Gulf countries. This is considered to be a huge step taken towards the promotion of medical tourism. Tourists from chosen nations are provided by E-visa or visa on arrival allowing them to stay in the country for thirty days to get Medical treatment in India. With the hospital staffs and doctors speaking quality English and the arrangement of translators or interpreters has only made accessing quality and affordable medical care possible and effortless.