Ever thought about shaking hand with a person who just put his hand in his mouth? Certainly not; or hugging a person who smells awful. Indeed not. That’s right; personal hygiene is on the top of our mind when we interact but do we really care about ours?

Many people see it as a matter of habit like brushing teeth, washing hands or bathing, realizing little how important it is for their health. In today’s world it has become mandatory to have high standards of personal hygiene else you lose out on your career and social front.  These days it is not difficult to care for your personal hygiene as wholesale personal hygiene supplies are available online at very reasonable rates.

So personal hygiene definitely has a social side to it but its health benefits are immense.  Remember your childhood days when you had to skip school as you frequently fell ill just because you ate something with your unwashed hands or had that pain in the tooth as you did not regularly brush your teeth.

Indeed personal hygiene is important in childhood but not many people realize that it is important in adulthood as well. Many bacteria and viruses attack your body throughout the day.  If you are not mindful of how to protect yourself, you are bound to fall ill. Moreover, personal hygiene must be ingrained deep into your psyche so as to make it almost reflexive to wash hands before meals or brush teeth after dinner. And trust me, it is not that difficult once you get into the habit of it.

Coming to the hands first which is a very important aspect of personal hygiene as anything you eat comes into contact with the hands. We use our hands shaking hands with people,   typing on the laptop, counting currency or using a common telephone at work – all these are a big source of germs. Naturally, our hands are the biggest carriers of germs. You could consider buying personal hygiene supplies at wholesale rates online.

Clipping your nails is important as it is the safest place for bacteria to hide. So bust their hideout every month.  Next, always wash your hands before meals and at least three times a day with soap. And please don’t make it a casual ritual; rinse thoroughly with soap. Don’t leave the back of your palm and the space between the fingers. Always keep a hand wash if possible for an emergency.

You must wash hands especially before and after the following activity:

  1. Before eating or cooking food
  2. Before picking up a baby
  3. After visiting the toilet
  4. After coughing or sneezing, or being in contact with someone who is ill
  5. After playing with your pet

Next, an important aspect is dental hygiene – your mouth is another place where bacteria love to hide. Good oral hygiene wards off gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and many infections. So make sure you

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day – after breakfast, and before bed
  2. Use a tongue cleaner daily
  3. Store your toothbrush in a clean, dry place

Another aspect of personal hygiene is related to your skin. Perspiration, dust and body oil make it a fertile ground for the bacteria to form colonies causing skin problems, rashes, etc. To avoid that, you could consider showering twice a day when the weather is warm. Daily bathing is an integral part of good personal hygiene. If you follow these simple rules of personal hygiene you could see the change in your health and fitness levels.