Maintaining good oral health is the best solution to maintain your dental hygiene. But can you believe that there is another way to stay away from all the health issues including your dental problems? It can be a little confusing that how yoga helps in dental health. By getting in-depth into it, you will get to know the reality. Our body is interconnected with each and other parts of our body. When you understand this, then it will not be hard to know the logic behind yoga for dental health

Yoga for Dental Health

How Yoga helps in enhancing dental health?

Yoga reduces stress and inflammation

When we are stressed, we are least cared about our oral health thereby spoiling our oral hygiene. We tend to bite our teeth which creates problems for your jaw point. Stress causes mouth ulcers and saliva production in the mouth gets reduced which leads to dry mouth problems. When stress leads to these many dental problems, then definitely stress needs to be reduced. Yoga is a great solution to reduce stress and to maintain good dental hygiene. Practicing yoga regularly reduces stress and also reduced inflammation in your mouth and body. 


When you don’t sit/stand erect your spinal cord and neck gets affected. This affects your jaw too which is a notable one. When you slouch, your lower jaw moves forward where the alignment gets changed. Skull also moves backward and the spine gets misaligned. This disturbs the nearby muscles and bones. If it is left untreated then it may lead to jaw problems like temporomandibular joint disorder which is commonly known as TMJ. It also leads to an imbalance bite. By practicing yoga you can improve your posture and make your jawbone and eventually your spine erect.

Saliva Production

Saliva helps in breaking down the food particles in order to swallow the food easily. Also, it clears away the bacteria that sticks on your tongue and mouth. When saliva production is reduced bacteria may tend to grow in your mouth. This leads to a dry mouth, bad breath, and other gum related problems. Yoga practice helps in improving saliva production thereby reducing the growth of bacteria in your mouth and also reduce toxins spreading from the blood. 

Here are some yoga exercises that can be practiced 

1. Sukshma Yoga

Sukshma Yoga

Open and close the jaws alternatively. Also, massage the lower jaw. This helps in reducing the stress around the jaw and also reduces pain.

2. Movement of the tongue

Movement of the tongue

Touch your tongue to the mid of the palate and create a tak-tak-tak sound to improve your oral health. It also helps in speech and pronunciation. 

3. Sheetkari Pranayam

Sheetkari Pranayam

It is one of the effective exercises and is considered good for teeth and gums. It is also effective for many dental problems. 

4. Khechari Mudra 

Khechari Mudra 

This helps in improving the performance of the salivary glands. To do this exercise, you need to bring your tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth and rubbing it back towards your nose. Just close your eyes and mouth when you perform this exercise. By doing this yoga practice will help you increase the saliva production from the salivary glands. When saliva production is increased, bacteria will be reduced in your mouth. 

Practicing yoga along with good oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and cleaning along with your regular visit to your dentist will help you to stay away from dental problems. This is an effective way for healthy teeth and gums.